• Cold-chain Logistics

    VeChain’s cold-chain logistics solution uses proprietary IoT devices to track key metrics throughout the entire journey. VeChain embeds data management and sharing in every process, making cold-chain logistics transparent, regulated, secure and reliable.

  • Automobile

    VeChain creates a digital passport of a vehicle recording all data including repair history, insurance, registration and even driver behaviour throughout its lifecycle. VeChain puts data into the hands of owners, making data management comprehensive, accessible and transparent.

  • Medical&Healthcare

    VeChain’s blockchain solution can track end-to-end medical devices production process. Besides, with the patient’s authorization, VeChain can help patients to securely share their biometrics data with their doctors to enable real-time monitoring. VeChain makes the production and use of medical devices safer, better regulated, efficient and reliable.

  • Luxury&Fashion

    VeChain embeds smartchips within luxury goods, brands can monitor the sales channels in real time to prevent illegal overstock trading. Meanwhile, consumers can verify the authenticity of the luxury products. VeChain puts control back into the hands of brands, making luxury trail transparent, seamless and data-driven.

  • Liquor

    VeChain created a tracking & authentication platform for wine bottles, data of the wine at every step of the production process was stored on the blockchain. It also allows logistic providers and distributors to store relevant data before it reaches its destination. This platform brings immense value and trust, and most importantly stems out illicit activities. Consumer rights are protected simply by scanning a QR Code or NFC Chip which provides authentic and valuable information to the entire timeline starting from the source, storage, and logistics process at the fingertips.

  • Agriculture

    VeChain provides the solution of blockchain-enabled cloud services for the certification of environmentally friendly and organic agriculture products. Throughout the production process, IoT sensors and mobile devices feedback climate and soil conditions which are then updated into the cloud for real-time monitoring, this data is encrypted and immutable and at the same time, can be easily accessed by relevant parties with proper authorization and private keys. Data collection can help agriculture companies make better decisions. They can improve on the planting method, improve the quantity and quality of the crops and increase their product margins. In addition, it can minimize the negative impact of fertilizer and pesticides to the environment.

  • Logistics

    Leveraging on blockchain technology, various parties in the logistics cycles can access information on a transparent and immutable yet very secure platform with a private key. In addition, logistics service providers can now manage goods at the granularity of single units for the very first time. The VeChain platform can provide customers with better services, accurate logistics information of each single product and this means there is potential for new logistics and business models to develop.


For VeChain to become a global business ecosystem, we need to partner with reliable, innovative partners along the way. It is with that understanding that we sought out the most influential innovation companies as core partners.