Key features
of VeChainThor

Enterprise Partners

Real-world adoption of blockchain technology is what we do. Consumers across the world use VeChain powered solutions on a daily basis.

Real World Assets

We provide a one-stop solution for tagging products through the transparent and tamper-proof features of the blockchain, combined with NFC/RFID chip anti-counterfeit encryption technology.

for sustainability

A system of independent, sustainability-driven communities – called ecosystems – interconnected through a common tech infrastructure. The Biosphere facilitates transparency, efficiency and intelligent resource allocation.

Connecting technologies: Internet of Things; Tagging, Hardware; VR..

Layer 1 blockchain – The base infrastructure of blockchain.

The diversity of the ecosystems we present reflects the wide-ranging applications of vechain’s blockchain solution as a catalyst for change. And new applications can be developed quickly to tackle a diverse set of problems across industries. 

Ecosystem – an independent network enabling a set of partners to actively cooperate by pursuing a common objective and generating common value within the Blockchain Biosphere for Sustainability. An ecosystem responds to the specific needs of one, or more, use cases

Enterprise Adoption

See examples of our VeChainThor blockchain put into practice.
As we grow, so do our network and our enterprise alliances.

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