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The information set out in this cookies policy (the “Cookie Policy”) is provided by the Data Controller (as defined below) as a supplement to the information on the processing of personal data, always available on this website (the “Site”) and accessible via the following link: Privacy Policy.
The Data Controller is Vechain Foundation San Marino s.r.l. (also “Data Controller”, “Vechain”, “we”, “us”, “our”).

A cookie is a text file that is stored on computers, tablets, mobile phones and on any device used to browse the Internet, capable of storing the user’s browsing information and preferences. Cookies can be used, as will be seen further below, to make navigation easier and personalize your experience on our Sites and at the same time to tell us which parts of our sites are visited most and help us evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, allowing us to improve our communications and products.

While browsing we may collect information relating to traffic flow and visits to the pages of our Site. Any information obtained through cookies will be processed and stored securely.

The Data Controller informs you that this Site uses the types of cookies described below, also combined, which are classified based on rulings and indications of the competent authorities, including the European Data Protection Board (EDPB).

These are cookies which are essential in order to send a communication via an electronic communication network or to provide a service specifically requested by the user, for which these cookies allow the user to be identified during the session: in other words, these are cookies that are essential for the functioning of the site or necessary to carry out activities requested by the user. Without the use of such cookies, navigation on the Site and certain operations requested by the user could not be carried out or would be less secure.

Considering the purposes for which technical cookies are used, their storage in the user’s device does not require the user’s prior consent.

Equal to the technical cookies mentioned above, which therefore do not require express consent for their use, they are also “performance cookies” when used directly by the site manager (so-called “first-party” or “proprietary” cookies) for collect information in aggregate form on the number of users and how they visit the site itself – or, where they are provided by third parties, if suitable tools
are adopted to reduce their identifying power (for example, by masking significant portions of the address IP) – and “functionality cookies”, which allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided to the same.

For analytics cookies, the Data Controller uses a mechanism to irreversibly encrypt the IP address (the address assigned to the user’s device which is necessary to browse the Internet), and additional data, in order to derecognize the user. For additional information please refer to Matomo’s Privacy Policy.

The purpose of these cookies is solely to improve the functionalities of the Site.

THIRD PARTY COOKIES (autonomous Data Controllers)
Listed below are the links to the respective information notices on the use of cookies:

Meta: click here to Meta’s cookie policy
Twitter: click here to X cookie policy
Medium: click here to Medium’s cookie policy
Youtube: click here to You Tube’s cookie policy
Reddit: click here to Reddit’s cookie policy
Discord: click here to Discord’s cookie policy
Linkedin: click here to Linkedin’s cookie policy
GitHub: click here to GitHub’s cookie policy

Failure to authorize third-party cookies will not affect the functioning of the Site; however, since these types of cookies are sent exclusively by third parties, and since we cannot exercise control over the sending of such cookies to the user's terminal, the relevant opposition can only be exercised by accessing the consent forms prepared by the mentioned third parties, if any, or through your browser settings. The links to the privacy policies and any forms for collecting consent to receive cookies prepared by third parties who send cookies through this site are provided above.

We inform that you can express or modify your preferences on cookies also through the settings of the browser used in your device.

Please note that the preferences expressed through the browser will take effect only from your first connection after the change of preferences.

Please refer to the information and operating procedures to be performed to configure the settings, as provided by the provider of the browser used by the user:

Firefox: click here to go to Firefox browser to configure cookies
Safari: click here to go to Safari browser to configure cookies
Chrome: click here to go to Chrome browser to configure cookies
Opera: click here to go to Opera browser to configure cookies
Edge: click here to go to Edge browser to configure cookies

The data collected through cookies will be stored according to their nature: session cookies expire when the user closes the browser, for other information please refer to this link.

Such data will be processed exclusively within the scope of:
i) analyzing trends;
ii) administering the Site; to count users who have visited our Site and collect other types of information including insights about visitors’ browsing habits on the Site;
iii) gathering demographic information about our user base as a whole;
iv) to learn what parts of our Site are most popular and what kind of features and functionalities our visitors like to see.

Data deriving from the use of cookies may also be communicated to:
i) public security entities and other public and private entities for the fulfillment of obligations established by law, including of a fiscal, administrative, financial and similar nature;
ii) third parties, suppliers of products and/or services.

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (the “GDPR”), gives natural persons, individual companies and/or the self- employed specific rights, including the right to have their personal data held by the Data Controller recognized and how said data are used (right of access), the right to have their data updated, rectified or, if there is an interest, supplemented, as well as have their data erased, anonymised or to obtain the restriction of the processing.
Data subjects may, at any time, withdraw consent, if given, to cookies being saved on their device, and to the processing of personal data resulting from the use of the cookies, according to the terms indicated above.
The Data Controller points out that the withdrawal of consent will only take effect for the processing that follows it.

The Data Controller will process the information collected for the period strictly necessary to pursue the predetermined purposes.

At the end of this storage period, the information collected will be erased or kept in a manner that does not allow for the identification of the user (e.g. irreversible anonymisation), unless further processing is necessary for one of the following reasons: i) to settle pre-litigation and/or litigation started before the end of the storage period; ii) to continue investigations/inspections of internal control functions and/or external authorities started before the end of the storage period; iii) to follow up requests from Italian and/or foreign public authorities received by/notified to the Data Controller before the end of the storage period.

For further details please refer to the Privacy Policy.

Updated on February 1st, 2024

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